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Lighting the Diwali Festival with Wonderful Masterpieces

The festival of Diwali is a symbol of light and happiness. A festival that tells us to ward off the darkness and bring the light of positivity into our life. And whenever we talk about the essence of positivity, what could be better than wonderful books?  Indeed! Books had always spread the light of positivity and considering this aspect, we had brought some wonderful masterpieces to lighten your Diwali.

  1. That Which Flows by Khaqan Sikander

Is life after all a drill? We are born into this world, grow up, get an education, get a job, try marriage, the kid has s, and die. That’s it? Really? Did you ever wonder about such things? Did you ever aspire for more without knowing what that more precisely was? I didn’t. Not until fate conspired with a naive choice to land me in a notorious Palestinian refugee camp in the heart of Beirut anyway. Things took an explosive turn when Lebanon erupted into a full-scale war with Israel trapping me in its deadly jaws. I escaped in what I thought was the end. Only that I was wrong. Neither was it the end nor did that camp ever escape me. What followed was an unexpected yet incredible journey that took me around the world. Latin America, Europe, and Africa came one after the other, each with life-altering lessons, lessons that transformed the boy that I was into the man I am, lessons that became milestones in this universal journey into adulthood, lessons that are woven deep into the fabric of this story, this story of how I tried changing the world, this story of how instead, the world changed me.

  • Unofficial Crimes: A Collection of Short Stories by Nupur Luthra

Nupur Luthra brings forth a tantalizing crime thriller, ‘Unofficial Crimes: A collection of Short Stories is a work of fiction with very interesting plots full of twists and turns each story with very unexpected outcomes.

Who did the deed…was it a human hand or some evil power playing its role in everyone’s life?

  • Indian Mythological Tales by Krishna Gopal Shrivastava

Indian Mythological Tales is a collection of some very interesting and popular mythological stories from prehistoric ancient Indian culture. This book contains the tales told by a grandfather to his grandkids, as he had listened to the tales from his grandparents and them from theirs and so on. These tales have been part of human history since time immemorial. They are so intricately woven into the very fabric of Indian culture and Indian society that it is simply impossible to think of tearing them apart from the life of a common man. Some tales have hidden moral messages; some tales give a glimpse into a prehistoric culture which is the basis of present-day society, its beliefs, faiths, etc. This book, Indian Mythological Tales will arouse the curiosity of not only young minds but also grownups to read and know more about those long-gone by prehistoric times.

  • Heart’s Sanctuary & Other Stories by Jyoti Jha

HR professional turned author Jyoti Jha is a prolific writer and her fourth book ‘Heart’s Sanctuary and Other Stories is a short-story collection that provides an immersive experience of complex sentiments sketched across the realms of everyday simplistic living of protagonists and depicts how these emotions delicately blend with relationships around them and impact the actions. The stories are captivating and compelling as they entered the readers into exploring nuances of human emotions that define our existence. The imperfections and flaws make the protagonists humane and relatable as they deal with the conflicts of emotions and everyday dilemmas, whether Durga, Ishaani and Akash, or Diya. There are some sensitive issues touched upon by a couple of stories that influence our society and our existence in it. Through the compact and engaging stories, the author interestingly presents the complexities of the human mind.

  • Aanandi

An illustrative symbol of women empowerment, the Hindi novella ‘Aanandi’ aims to connect today’s young generation with the reality of their desired society and several aspects like the rural environment, generations finding their existence in cities, people’s mentality, place of women in society, and changes in social conditions over last several decades, etc. The story narrates the journey of a girl with extraordinary intellect, born in a small village in India, who stands tall against the evils of society, fights through the adversities that life throws at her, has an awareness of education, and aims to become self-reliant. The story of this remarkable girl is an inspiration for women of all sections of society. Edited by Nitish Raj, Editor-in-Chief; The Literary Mirror, the book is published by Booksclinic Publishing and handled by Literia Insight.

  • LUCY 3 – Lucy and The Rise of the Parabola by Anandajit Goswami

In the third book of the Lucy series, Lucy and The Rise of The Parabola, Lucy sets on an adventure journey of time where she creates a magnum opus. A magnum opus of a time loop is created with multiple existences of Lucy, and dark fantasies to protect the past, present, and future. In that loop, characters, and avatars from the past, present, and future join hands led by the pure mind of the protagonist Lucy.  This time, Lucy is facing the magic realism of dark forces in the multiverse of her dream layers in which Lucy’s s role as a messiah gets established. In that process, several hidden secrets, and actors come into the forefront about which Lucy herself has no idea. Can she come out of the hidden trap? To know more, this magnum opus of science fiction is a must-read.

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