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Readers Are Liking These Five Books in These Days

FAST BUT LOST: Overcoming Depression in City Life by Pallavi Joshi

Dr Pallavi is a gold medalist from J.J. Group of Hospitals, Mumbai, and has received the A.K. Naik award for ground-breaking research in the psychopathology of female prisoners. She has numerous national and international publications to her name and is the author of two Marathi books—Manachya Khol Talatun and Mann Aani Apan, both dealing with mental health and the treatment of psychiatric diseases. She has a very active media presence and her opinions regarding various mental health-related issues are quoted in reputed newspapers. She also writes regularly for multiple English and Marathi newspapers.

Unofficial Crimes by Nupur Luthra

Nupur Luthra brings forth a tantalizing crime thriller, ‘Unofficial Crimes: A collection of Short Stories’, which is a work of fiction with very interesting plots full of twists and turns, and each story with very unexpected outcomes.
Who did the deed…was it a human hand or some evil power playing its role in everyone’s life?
Nupur Luthra has traversed through various genres of romance, politics, travel, and now murder mysteries. ‘A Soldier’s Daughter, Divergence, Disturbed Death, Our Love That Fell Apart, and Silent Murder’ are among her five eminent published works.

Karmic Threads by Neelam Saxena Chandra

Monika stays in the comfort of her colossal bungalow and her loving parents in Patiala, but destiny strikes and takes away her parents. Quite young to understand the stealth, she completely believes in her kin who come over to take care. She meekly agrees even to their choice of partner in marriage, abandoning her love, Gurpreet. After marriage, she flies away to Paris with dreams in her eyes, where her husband Tanishk stays. However, his eyes are only on the money she’s having. The moment he covertly gets hold of it, he ditches her, leaving her alone, lonely and forsaken in a foreign land. Will the karmic threads help in seeking justice against those who’ve wronged her? Will the karmic threads be able to connect her to her long-lost love, Gurpreet?

The Last Queen of Kashmir Kota Rani by Rakesh K Kaul

Kota, beautiful and brave, had once known love and dreamt of happiness. A lifetime ago. Before the murder of her father. Before she became Kota Rani, the wise regent who rules over Kashmir with a firm but compassionate hand.
As invaders and immigrants disturb the tranquility of her land, Kota must find a way to protect her people and her civilization. But at what personal cost? Can she weather the political intrigues and power play at court? Will she succeed in preserving the splendour and diversity of her society? Will an alien patriarchal ideology of what a woman should be keep Kota from being the sovereign that she is?
Set in fourteenth century Kashmir, The Last Queen of Kashmir is the sweeping saga of a grand civilization in peril. Its everlasting relevance is how to protect Free Will, Inclusion and Knowledge seekers from the tyranny of blind followers. It is also the tale of one of the greatest queens of the land – one that will speak to the men and women of today.

Bose: The Untold Story of an Inconvenient Nationalist | Subhas Chandra Bose Biography | Penguin Books, Indian History by Chandrachur Ghose

There are not many Indian heroes whose lives have been as dramatic and adventurous as that of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. That, however, is an assessment of his life based on what is widely known about him. These often revolve around his resignation from the Indian Civil Service, joining the freedom movement, to be exiled twice for over seven years, throwing a challenge to the Gandhian leadership in the Congress, taking up an extremist position against the British Raj, evading the famed intelligence network to travel to Europe and then to Southeast Asia, forming two Governments and raising two armies and then disappearing into the unknown. All this in a span of just two decades.

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