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Lynchpin: – A Perfect Blend of Mystery, Cliff-hanger and Patriotism

The story revolves around a thief who became the witness to the upcoming destruction of the Indian economy. So, the story goes around Inspector Vikram and the thief. A genre that pacts solely in themes of thriller can get do up heavy, but itdoesn’t get much heavier with Lynchpin. Every scene allows you to sit back and relax, which allows you to comprehend the situation but as soon as you come to the conclusion story flips to another side. The storyline is based upon a thief who gradually becomes an eyewitness to an unknown and highly destructive situation arising in the Indian economy. The best thing about the book is that each character has a backstory that justifies the character adequately. The main pattern of the story is because of an organization of characters with backgrounds, chasing each other to ensure their survival along with the others in the story.

Who won’t choose a good mystery?
There’s something fun about striving to work out the solution to an impossible problem, dilemma, and situation. You get to play investigator, searching for clues throughout the story. With its questionable narration and sheets of puzzles, It happens that the thief dies all of a sudden and during the last breath he sends a message to the inspector Vikram. The country India compromises a huge population of billions. Maintaining the economic balance in such a country is quite difficult. What will happen if the entire economic balance of the country changes within seconds? DSP Ranbir and Inspector Vikram are assigned to crack up the case set forth within the book. And then who wins will seize everything.
The book Lynchpin includes a storyline that’s both realistic as well as well structured. The plot within is fiction and readers will love & appreciate the nary action within. “30 days all you get and the fate of your country will be changed forever” the thief warns Vikram. And it begins, doesn’t it? How can I not praise a
book that so cleverly pulls apart the psyches of a cop and thief?
Siddharth Maheshwari, an entrepreneur by profession was born on 13th June 1993 in Bombay (Mumbai), India. He holds a degree in Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of Warwick, UK. An avid reader, he has interests in history, philosophy, science, geography, and art. He is well-traveled all over the globe and loves to observe and imbibe the cultures of the world. He loves to watch plays & musicals and listen to Sufi songs. Dark chocolates and red wine are his weakness. Just like Any other psychological thriller but still has a lot to offer, this is another thrilling period piece by Siddhartha Maheshwari, a great author who has resurfaced the story in a very incredible way. But that’s where the similarities end. The story has very interesting twists and turns it is about how a thief who is an
eyewitness to the destruction going to happen in the country in the next 30 days, the story is really interesting to read and the suspense is very well maintained till the end by the author. The scenes are composed in much detail. This is a notional book but the intuition behind the tale is very remarkable.
The story will feel sensational as it takes you through the road of uncertainty. The story moves fast and you will not feel that it is slow or dreary. The characters are very well described in the story and the story will go in your mind very well. Read the book if you want to know if the inspector can save the country from the thief.
It’s more a story of two masterminds sitting across the chessboard, unknowingly playing for each other but against them too. The general theme of this book seems to prioritize the realistic over the dramatic, which is to be applauded. Still, this book had a reasonable conclusion, strong characterization, some decent dialogues and accurately depicting the suspense. Lynchpin is a psychological thriller; The story is structured like two masterminds are at the continual fight and earning their actions one after the other. It was both intense & well structured. Facts & fiction very well collaborated to form a complex network of similar narratives. It was quick & entertaining. The locations, compositions & circumstances were well
interpreted very well. Will they be able to succeed?

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