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Summer Reads to Soothe Your Creative Hunger

The scorching heat of April-May might halt our day-to-day activities but the hunger for creativity never considers these aspects. And especially when we have a bouquet of books to read from various genres. And what could be better than these five masterpieces to soothe our creative hunger?

The Garden of Fragility is a collection of fifty poems written by Limca Book of Records Holder, Neelam Saxena, that make you understand the different facets of life.
What’s life? It’s a garden of fragility. Nothing is permanent – be it murkiness, nothingness or happiness. Life is meant to take you through various paths during its journey, and you are ultimately meant to enjoy treading on them – for it is after all a garden and gardens are known for their fragrance.

Book: Garden Of Fragility
Author: Neelam Saxena Chandra
Publisher: AKS Publishing House
Price: ₹175
Pages: 98

That Night: Four Friends. Twenty Years. One Haunting Secret by Nidhi Upadhyay

Natasha, Riya, Anjali and Katherine were best friends in college – each different from the other yet inseparable – until that night.

It was the night that began with a bottle of whisky and a game of Ouija but ended with the death of Sania, their unlikeable hostel mate. The friends vowed never to discuss that fateful night, a pact that had kept their friendship and guilt dormant for the last twenty years. But now, someone has begun to mess with them, threatening to reveal the truth that only Sania knew. Is it a hacker playing on their guilt or has Sania’s ghost really returned to avenge her death?
As the faceless enemy closes in on them, the friends come together once again to recount what really happened that night. But when the story is retold by each of them, the pieces don’t fit. Because none of them is telling the whole truth .
That Night is a dark, twisted tale of friendship and betrayal that draws you in and confounds you at every turn.

Book: That Night: Four Friends. Twenty Years. One Haunting Secret
Author: Nidhi Upadhyay
Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Price: ₹227
Pages: 288

You Only Live Once: One for Passion Two for Love Three for Friendship by Stuti Changle

What if you ran away from your life today?
Twenty years later, three people are looking for you.
One is dying to meet you again.
The other wishes you had never met them.
The third wishes they could have met you at least once.
You are one person. Aren’t you? But you are not the same person to each of them.

Find the answers about your own life in this story about searching for love and discovering yourself. Join a broken but rising YouTube star Alara, a struggling but hopeful stand-up comedian Aarav, and a zany but zen beach shack owner Ricky. Together, take the journey to seek the truth behind the famous singer Elisha’s disappearance somewhere by the deep sea in Goa.
Will you be able to find Elisha? Or will you end up finding yourself?

Book: You Only Live Once: One for Passion Two for Love Three for Friendship
Author: Stuti Changle
Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Price: ₹192
Pages: 240

Aanandi by Jyoti Jha

Aanandi, who had the courage to fight against the frustrated mentality of the society towards girls, who from an early age had displayed her unique intelligence, power to fight the evils of the society, and the ability to be a symbol of fearlessness. The story of a woman marching towards prosperity by taking the support of education and self-reliance while battling the environment of struggle and poverty – Aanandi.

Book: Aanandi
Author: Jyoti Jha
Publisher: Booksclinic Publishing
Price: ₹149
Pages: 158

Soch Sanjeevani by Vaibhav Pande

Soch Sanjeevani is not a book but an effort: to bring about a change. In life we ​​not only have to win the world, but we also have to make sure that we are happy. In such a situation, poetry and a thought can help us in keeping ourselves energetic. This book contains poems, thoughts that can turn your every defeat into victory. Whatever may be the ups and downs of life, they can encourage you in them. This book will make you think and give courage to change your thinking. Will act as a sanjeevani for your thinking.

Book: Soch Sanjeevani
Author: Vaibhav Pande
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Price: ₹200
Pages: 81

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